Computer and stuff:

Mac Pro Quad Core 2.66
ProTools 9
Logic Pro 9
Tons ‘O Plugs
MOTU 828 MKII with Black Lion Mod

Mic Preamp/EQs:

Calrec PQ15S (2)
Langevin Dual Vocal Combo
API 512 (2)
Aphex 107 Tubessence Stereo
Ward Beck M472 (2)
Neve 3416 (2) …..still working on these


BR Audio SSL Stereo Buss compressor clone
Crane Song Trakker


DAS Monitor 8s
Radio Shack Optimus AV
Bryston 3B
Presonus Central Station
Mackie Control


Audio Technica 4050
RCA BK5B ribbon
Shure SM81
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 (5)
Audix ADX51
ADK 4050


1990 Fender Strat Plus Ultra
1973 Gibson ES-335
2000 Fender Jazz Bass
2010 Squier Fretless Jazz/Precision Bass
1972 Guitorgan ES-345
1972 Crestline Tele Thinline
1973 El Degas/Ibanez Tele Maple Cap
1968 Crucianelli Electric 12 string
1957 Loney lap steel
1975 Yamaha classical
2010 Alvarez 12 string
1995 Takamine steel string
Hohner melodica
Acoustic and electric violins
Tama Rockstar drums


1968 Fender Princeton Reverb
1966 Univox combo with Jensen ceramic
Epiphone Valve Junior head
4 X 12 with Celestion Lead 70s
Custom 2 X 12 with Jensen magnetic and ceramics


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